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Lets you know location of target Device. For more accuracy, you should have GPS enabled or atleast Wi-fi/mobile network enabled.



Get all incoming/outgoing text messages with contents, date and time.


Call Logs

Check all incoming/outgoing call details like date, time and duration and listen audio recording of calls.



All multimedia messages with date, time and contents.



Know when phone is kept on silent mode or set to normal.



Get all system notifications like battery low or connected to a Wi-fi, etc.


Browsing History

Browsing history of all browsers and all visited URL.



All images captured by target phone and sent/received by social media.



All facebook messages sent and received by chat.



All incoming and outgoing whatsapp messages including photos and audio.



All contacts saved in phonebook with name and number.



All calendar entries and reminders, etc.



All incoming and outgoing messages and photos sent and received.



All incoming and outgoing chat messages and photos, etc.



All incoming and outgoing messages and photos.



App usage details including how much time spent on an app.



Send sms command on target phone and record surrounding of target phone and listen to it on dashboard.


How it Works?

  • How To Install ?

    • Download the app from the website.

    • After you install the application, run the application and enter an email and a password in order to register the phone with an internet connetion.

    • Your email and password will be saved on the server and you will have to use them for logging in into the website.

    • After you enter your login credentials, you must specify the name for this phone.

    • After this, the application starts sending logs to the server.

    • In a few hours you can login to our site in order to see the logs.

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  • Sending Logs

    • For the app to send the sms, phone, gps and system logs to the server, you must enable the Internet connection for the smartphone.

    • The app will try to send the logs to the server periodically.

    • But if there is no internet connection, the logs will not be lost.

    • They will be sent when an internet connection will be available.

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  • About UltimateSpy

    • UltimateSpy is the next generation of smartphone surveillance app.

    • This smartphone application lets you track incoming and outgoing calls with audio recording,text messages,GPS location,social media etc.

    • It is completely hidden and undetectable.

    • Its very easy to install in any android device hardly takes 5 minutes and compatible with all android devices from android 2.2 froyo to android 8 oreo.

    • UltimateSpy offers 3 days free trial so that you could test all the features of app before making any payment.

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  • Live Controls

    • Through SMS commands you can restart internet, start internet, stop internet, restart GPS, restart settings, restart Wi-Fi, start Wi-Fi, stop Wi-Fi, record surroundings, take picture, take front picture, list contacts, list apps of the target phone, etc.

    • These SMS commands were developed as a parental control solution or to try to recover the phone if it was lost or stolen.

    • Changes in the system can also be made remotely via the internet.

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  • System Tracking

    • Phone Tracking of incoming and outgoing calls.

    • Sms Tracking of incoming and outgoing messages.

    • Tracks for FREE the gps coordinates periodically.

    • Tracks installs/uninstalls of applications and apps usage.

    • You can see a notification when the phone is connecting to a wifi network.

    • Erase your device remotely.

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More Features

Call Recording

Records voice calls and
stores it on the server

Track multiple phones

Keeps a track of multiple phones at the same time

Record surroundings

Record surroundings by sending an SMS to the target phone

Configure alerts

Configure alerts based on phone numbers or keywords

Secure phone

Get notified if any change is made on the phone

Optimized application

Low power consumption and low execution time

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UltimateSpy is a software you install on to a android device (Phone/Tablet) to monitor and record its activities.
UltimateSpy is used to monitor children and employees or to backup or remotely control your own phone.
Because it is one of the best software to track your kids/employees activities remotely at a very affordable cost.
Here is a list that you can check:
  1. First of all you need to check the phone's internet connection. You can do this by using the phone's browser and access the internet. Leave the internet connection on.
  2. The phone's airplane mode should be disabled.
  3. Restart(shut down and start up) your phone.
  4. Choose a smaller time interval for the data to be sent to the server. After you login, go to Account(right menu) -> Phone settings -> set the Time interval for sending data to the server to 15 mins.
  5. Check to see if the application is running on the phone. Go to Settings -> Applications -> Running services
  6. Check to see if the application is still installed on the phone. Go to Settings -> Applications -> Manage applications
  7. Check if battery saver is on. If yes, then disable it.
  8. Check if there's any antivirus app installed. If yes, then either disable it or add UltimateSpy(Backup and monitoring)to whitelist.
  9. In Vivo, Oppo and Xiaomi phones, make sure you have added UltimateSpy(Backup and monitoring) to autostart list.
  10. In Vivo and Oppo phones, you have added UltimateSpy(Backup and monitoring) in trusted app list.
The logs from the phone are not sent immediately to the server. The logs are first saved into the phone and usually once every hour the phone will try to send the logs to the server. If an internet connection is not available, the logs will be sent another time when the internet is available (this way no logs are lost). You can change the time interval for the phone to send logs to the server. You can set it to 15 minutes by going to account -> phone settings -> Time interval for sending data to the server. Even like this you will still not see instantaneously the logs on the server.
The first time you register the application it is normal to see some activity from the past like a sms or call logs. The database is empty and some data has to be inserted in order to compare it with the new data.
We recommend google chrome browser but if you are unable to download you may try different browsers.
No, you must have physical access of target device to install.
No, once you have registered app successfully it will be invisible .
You can only install one device per license for more devices you must buy more license.
You must allow installation of app from unknown sources by going to setting and should disable google harmful app detection.
Go to setting -> installed apps -> Backup and Monitoring and disable all notifications.
Just visit sign in page and click at forgot password, we will send you password reset link on your registered email. By using that link, you will be able to reset.
Contact us with date of registration and target device model and brand. We will let you know your registered email ID.
You have to disable administrator rights for UltimateSpy(backup and monitoring) which you gave at the moment of registration. Then you can uninstall by going to installed app and uninstall UltimateSpy(backup and monitoring) or if you have enabled remote wipe then you can unsitall it from your dashboard.
Of course! You get trial of 3 days but remember during trial period you will get only 2 audio recording of calls.
You need to allow UltimateSpy(backup and monitoring) in accessibility to get outgoing messages.
For incoming messages, target device should be rooted. If it is not rooted, you can still get whatsapp incoming messages by allowing whatsapp pop-up notification.
UltimateSpy is legal to install on your own phone and your under 18 years child's phone. If you are installing UltimateSpy onto a phone that you do not own, then you must have written permission from the device owner to do so before installing.
If you are facing issue with software features and we are not being able to resolve it, then you can claim for refund within 7 days of app registration.
Data stored on our servers is automatically and permanently deleted after 90 days.

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  • “UltimateSpy is the best parental control app available worldwide. I could monitor my kids' online activities on social media and other apps and control them before they became the victims of online harassment.”

    - Rashmi Pawar
  • "UltimateSpy is the best spying app I have used. I could easily track the activities of my employees and their whereabouts when they used to go out to meet clients. I could also review the recorded conversations of my employees."

    - Neil David
  • "UltimateSpy helped me find my lost phone many times. All we have to do is send sms command to the phone and it will record surrounding images and sounds of the phone which we can view on the portal. It also has many other awesome features."

    - Prashant Shetty

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